Mental Health Training 

Work with us to take the next step in making your workplace a mentally healthy organisation. Reduce the stigma, increase awareness, and provide support.

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We cater for everyone...

If you are just looking for yourself or a small number of you to be trained as qualified Mental Health First Aiders, then our partners at NewbyCore deliver 5 star training courses at venues throughout the UK, which are open for anyone to book on to. More info, dates, venues and to book your place direct online, click here.

Why Choose Us?​

1. Commercial Experience


We have the knowledge and experience of managing large commercial operations, and understand the importance of delivering improved performance across a variety of metrics for both the colleague and the organisation. With our leader having over 12 years experience working for Lloyds Banking Group, most of which was spent in leadership roles, including running an operation of over 100 colleagues, then we have that real-life hands on experience and insight. Not only that, during 3 years running a large department within Lloyds, it was the best performing area across all key measures, including colleague engagement and commercial performance. This was achieved by focusing on colleagues and creating a culture of empowerment, trust and recognition.

2. Qualifications & Education in teaching, training & mental health


To complement the professional and personal experience and achievements, we are also qualified and educated in mental health and training delivery. Some of these qualifications are highlighted below:


- Level 3 Award in Education & Training (RQF)

- Instructor Certificate in First Aid for Mental Health

- FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health


We also do some work in relation to mental health campaigning to try to raise awareness and keep the conversation about mental health at the top of the agenda. In terms of supporting you and your organisation in terms of Mental Health, in my opinion this is crucial, as it means we keep up to speed on any changes or new initiatives that are happening in this space, which keeps our training up to date. 

3. Personal experience & passion for improving mental health awareness & colleague wellbeing 

Our Managing Director, Scott Newby, has both personal and professional experience of mental health, which enables us to truly understand the impact poor mental wellbeing can have, as well as the huge benefits certain actions and techniques can have on improving mental wellbeing. Our training and workshops include real-life situations and examples, as well as drawing on real-life experiences to share with the group. This genuine openness helps to create an open and honest environment which ensures the sessions are as valuable as they can possibly be. The feedback we receive is truly incredible. 

For Scott, sharing his own journey and challenges has been the single biggest thing to significantly improving his own mental wellbeing. Therefore, we know first hand how powerful it can be to have a culture of acceptance and reduced stigma, so people feel they can openly talk about their own wellbeing without fear of judgement. The results for the individual and an organisation can be remarkable. You can see more on when Scott shared his journey by video here

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